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Let's get the House to move on child nutrition

The Senate is doing their job. Now the House of representatives must move forward on Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) so children have access to food programs this summer.

We need advocates like you to let our U.S. representatives know they will be held accountable if CNR isn't passed before school closes for the summer.

Send a clear message to your representative to personally champion strong child nutrition legislation without delay.

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Our children deserve a strong child nutrition bill now.

Dear Representative,

Child Nutrition Reauthorization has recently moved out of the Senate Agriculture Committee and is awaiting introduction to the floor of the Senate. Passing a strong CNR bill this year is essential in addressing child hunger in America and ensuring that millions of children don't go hungry during the summer months.

I'm writing to you today to urge you to take proactive measures to get moving on Child Nutrition Reauthorization and help ensure that every American child can live healthy and hungry free during summer.

This child nutrition bill helps answer every struggling parent's wish: for their children to reach their highest potentials in school and in life. Unfortunately, when these children are not in school during the summer months, the harsh reality of hunger sets in. Community food programs are, in many cases, the only way to close the hunger gap.

You have an opportunity to take an important step toward building a stronger America by ensuring that our nation's children have the food they need to succeed. I hope you will actively rally your colleagues behind CNR so it can be signed into law before school closes for the summer.

As an active participant in the fight against child hunger, I am very concerned about this time-sensitive legislation. I trust that you agree with me--ending child hunger in America is top priority in a land with more than enough food to go around.

Moving forward on CNR now brings us closer to that goal.

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