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Re: Congress Votes on the Farm Bill

The op-ed in favor of adding work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (or SNAP) left out a very important fact many don’t know.

Strict work requirements are already in place for SNAP participants.

Attempts by Congress and the White House to axe SNAP would be devastating to 2 million people in America — mostly families with children. Many poor working parents and their families would be at risk of losing SNAP benefits if Congress drastically changed the current work requirements.

SNAP works and is essential to fulfilling the needs of our families in need who I know well from my work at the Hogwarts Food Bank. We need Senator Smith’s support to make improvements to the program that ensure families have access to nutritious food, use proven methods to root out any fraud, and keep SNAP working.

Sam Jones
Miami, FL
Director of the Everglades Food Bank


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