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Tell your elected officials the government must stay open!

Tell your elected officials the government must stay open!

In the last few weeks, the government shutdown forced federal workers and contractors to turn to food banks to feed their families. And while the government is now temporarily open, those workers will suffer yet another blow if it shuts down again – and what's more, when the government shuts down, families on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) could see a delay, cut, or no food assistance at all.

Will you share the impact of the shutdown with your elected officials? Just use our handy letter generator to help write a personal message, and if you were affected by the shutdown, or you know someone who was, please share the story – our lawmakers need to know just how bad this crisis will be in our communities.

Did you deliver your letter? Let us know at policy@feedingamerica.org or by posting on social media with #EndHunger.


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