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Meals Given in 2018: 26,584,190

Give A Meal with Bank of America.
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Give A Meal With Bank of America

Feeding America would like to thank our partner, Bank of America, for helping make this year's Give A Meal campaign a success. Together we raised more than 26 million meals for those in need, and it's because of Bank of America’s commitment to fighting hunger that we were able to make such a difference in the lives of so many Americans who experience food insecurity.

Learn more about Bank of America’s ongoing effort to fight hunger.

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Fight Hunger in Your Community

Feeding America and Bank of America are working together to help more families get the food they need. Let’s break the cycle of hunger, because together, we have the power to provide meals to millions.

  • Feeding America client Lamont and family

    Real Stories: Lamont from Layton, UT

    “I used to work for a cable company. We had it all, really. But then I got hurt at work, and it all fell apart. I did not want to visit a food pantry. But there I was, without work and without food. I was scared walking through that door for the first time, but everyone was so kind. I began to volunteer at the pantry. They saw something in me, and soon, hired me. I was later promoted to a director, and now I’m in charge of a program that works with families to break the cycle of poverty.”

  • Feeding America client Rose at food pantry

    Real Stories: Rose from Richmond, VA

    “I grew up in a family of eight children, and even though my mother worked hard to provide, she often couldn’t make ends meet. Today, I run the food pantry at my church. In our community, there are so many people in need, including so many children. Many of us at the church give our own money to make sure we can run this pantry. That’s how much we care about it.”

  • Feeding America client Jamie

    Real Stories: Jamie from El Paso, TX

    “I served in the U.S. Navy for 10 years. After being honorably discharged, I worked hard to provide for my wife and three daughters. A few years ago, I was laid off. I took a minimum wage job as a security officer, but it wasn’t enough. It took a lot to ask for help; the military trained us to stand on our own no matter what. My local food pantry helped my family with food and also helped me emotionally, giving me hope we will be okay.”

  • Feeding America client Manny and family

    Real Stories: Manny from Pismo Beach

    “My four children and I live in a shelter after fleeing an abusive relationship. I’ve always worked, but right now I’m between surgeries and can’t work, which means we must wait for low-income housing to finally have a home. The pantry at my kids’ school provides fresh produce that gives my kids the nutrients they need to keep them strong through this tough time. I know when all this is behind me, I’ll be able to pay this help forward.”