A Good Advocate is an Informed Advocate


Over the past several months, you’ve heard us talk a great deal about the importance of protecting SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) from cuts in the Farm Bill. With the Farm Bill stuck in neutral, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight why we advocate so strongly for SNAP and test your knowledge about the program.

A good advocate is an informed advocate. Test your knowledge by taking our SNAP quiz!

Question - Not Required - What percentage of SNAP households included a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person?

Question - Not Required - What is the accuracy rate (correct payments only to eligible participants) of SNAP?

Question - Not Required - What is the average SNAP benefit per person, per meal?

Question - Not Required - Without a state waiver, how many months can an unemployed able-bodied adult without dependents (ABAWDs) receive SNAP benefits within a 3 year period?

Question - Not Required - Starting November 1, a family of three will see their monthly SNAP benefits automatically decrease by:

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